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Laura is a UK and Germany based musician holding a Master’s degree in Music Performance (Leeds College of Music) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education (University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück). She is currently the Centre Director at Otley Courthouse and the Musical Director of the Chamäleon Flute Ensemble. She also work as a freelance musician, educator and instrumental tutor.
Laura, born and educated in Germany, began her musical education in early childhood. She learnt the piano under the direction of private teachers and then took up the flute at the Bernd Alois Zimmerman Musikschule in Erftstadt. There, she not only received 1 to 1 lessons with Kaja Jungbluth, but also joined H.O.L.Z  (a woodwind ensemble directed by Ulrike Warnecke) a flute trio and various other musical projects. She also had the opportunity to tour with many of the music school’s ensembles. 

Resolving to pursue music professionally, Laura completed her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, majoring in Classical Flute in 2013 at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Germany. Whilst majoring in musical education, Laura also endeavored to broaden her performance skills. Her regular contribution to the chamber music scene in Osnabrück saw her perform in a range of ensembles such as: flute combos ranging from 2 to 8 players, flute and guitar, flute with viola and guitar, wind quintet and symphonic orchestras. Her teachers in Osnabrück included Gudrun Ravens-Speckert, Nicole Goedereis-Buller and Gary Woolf.

After achieving her Bachelor’s degree in Germany, Laura furthered her studies in the UK, arriving at Leeds College Of Music in 2013 to begin a Master’s course in musical performance; She completed this course in 2014. During her time at Leeds College of Music she studied under Karin de Fleyt, Carla Rees and Martyn Shaw. She left the college having not only developed her concert flute playing, but also her skillset on Piccolo, Alto and Bass flute. 

Laura has throughout her musical life regularly taken part in summer schools and master classes, having the pleasure to study under the likes of: Clare Southworth, Ian Clarke, Carla Rees, Heike Malz, Peter Verhoyen and Gary Woolf.
Since 2009 Laura has taught flute for various music schools in the UK and Germany, and has worked widely as a freelance instrumental tutor. She has an in-depth experience of teaching both individual and group lessons, and has directed a number of large ensembles of varying abilities and age ranges. She also has skills and experience in teaching piano and music theory. 
Laura is extremely enthusiastic about passing on her passion for music to others, helping them to enjoy the fun of making music as much as she does.


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